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How Longrich Works In Nigeria - Longrich Registration

How Longrich Works in Nigeria | Compensation plan

How longrich works in Nigeria Longrich login

Longrich is not just a network marketing company, but a multi-million dollar manufacturing company. They have a long line of products, and also manufacture for other brands too.

What Longrich does, is different from what is obtained in traditional network marketing companies.

Key Facts About Longrich:

  1. A multinational company that produces for other multinationals.
  2. Has been in operation since 1986
  3. Longrich is the largest manufacturing company in the whole of Asia
  4. Owns 8 research institutes across the globe: China, France, USA and Japan
  5. Longrich produces quality, unique, affordable and highly effective products - mostly daily consumables
  6. Offers generous compensation plan that leads to financial freedom.
  7. Enables you earn weekly bonuses according to team activity.
  8. No pressure, no monthly sales targets.
  9. We are expected to have only 3 downlines (first Generation)
  10. Two groups can achieve Financial freedom
  11. Earn bonuses on all generations
  12. Aims to raise global entrepreneurs


Why You Should Join Longrich:

Longrich is sustainable and the benefits can be inherited by your Children.

Longrich is using the sharing economy, to DISRUPT traditional network marketing.

Longrich is a tested and trusted way of building a sustainable stream of passive income but it’s not a get rich quick scheme.

Longrich is building a Manufacturing plant here in Nigeria; which will serve other African nations.

Longrich will be a household name in Africa very very soon.
And I know You will eventually come onboard. tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or next decade. Why wait till then, when you can partner with us today.

Longrich Compensation Plan has already helped millions of people in realizing their dreams. Bonuses and Incentives are only the beginning of your business in

With Longrich, you can achieve the status you set to accomplish. Longrich will provide all the resources needed and partner with you to support you on your way to success.

Longrich direct sales business is one of those assets that can be willed or passed on to one’s offspring, thereby bonus qualified and earned can be transferred to one’s heir who should also enrolled as a Longrich distributor.

Starting up your Longrich business is easy. There is no registration fee. Just do the following 3 steps:

  1. Choose one of four Entry Levels,
  2. Plan your Entry Purchase so that the total product PV matches the PV required by the Entry Level of your choice.
  3. Submit your particulars by filling up the Application Form, or through the online registration form.

Is Longrich Legit?

Yes! Longrich is very legit.

Not only can you make cool money with Longrich's network marketing business, you also get to receive premium high-quality products worth the value of the amount you used to register on Longrich! Which you can then sell.

Longrich, has a long list of every-day products that people need, in order to look good, take care of their health, and lead a better life.

Such products are;

  1. Arthritis /Bone Pack Products
  2. Dental Care Products
  3. Menstrual Pain Products
  4. Fibroids Products
  5. Female Fertility Products
  6. Male Fertility Products
  7. Sexual Performance Products
  8. Hypertension Pack Products
  9. Kidney/Liver Care Products
  10. Ulcer Pack Products
  11. Hair Breakage/ Loss Products
  12. Menopause –related Products
  13. Elder's Pack Products
  14. Scar Removal Products
  15. Baby Products
  16. Skin Care Supply Products
  17. Weight Loss Products
  18. Immune Boosting Products
  19. Stretch Marks Products
  20. Acne/ Facial Skin Blemishes Pack Products

Keep reading this post, to see the full list of products under these product categories - how longrich works in nigeria

Longrich Compensation Plan | Entry Levels:

  • Student package: 10,050 naira (4 PV). Please note that this is not an entry level but, a promo package aimed at helping students join in order to make profit from the products and upgrade.
  • Q-Silver level: 25,000 – 35,000 naira (60 PV). Earn 8% of referral PVs.
  • Silver level: 50,000 – 70,000 naira (120 PV). Earn 8% of referral PVs.
  • Gold level: 100,000 – 120,000 naira (240 PV). Earn 10% of referral PVs.
  • Platinum level: 300,000 – 350,000 naira (720 PV). Earn 12% of referral PVs.
  • VIP level: 600,000-750,000 naira (1,680 PV). Earn 12% of referral PVs + a share of 1% global sales.

As a member, you will have a membership code with which you can keep track of all purchases, referrals, and bonuses/incentives using our online portal. When you choose a package, contact me [ +2348166641321 ]


Important Concepts to Know:

PV = Points Value (Every Longrich product has an equivalent PV)

Generations = considered as your direct referrals.

Spillover = The distributor who is brought forward to you by your uplines and are considered part of your placement tree.

Sponsor tree = where your direct referrals are placed

Legs = groups

Reference Legs = sharing groups (not used for bonus calculation)

Level = placement of your downline.

Entry levels (How one can partner with Longrich):

You are considered a partner of Longrich (independent distributor) when you purchase Longrich’s quality products with any of the following packages:

The Longrich compensation plan eliminates the pitfalls, drawbacks and weaknesses of traditional network marketing systems.


Ways by Which Longrich Pays You – 10 Ways of Earning:

We would classify these into two: Cash bonuses and incentive bonuses

Under Cash Bonuses, Longrich gives you Fast start bonus, Performance bonus, development bonus, retail order bonus, leadership bonus and you also earn retail profits.

For Lifetime Incentive Bonuses, Longrich rewards partners with All-Expense paid trips abroad, brand new cars, educational scholarships, and house funds.

Let’s take a close look into these bonuses...


Referral Bonus (Fast Start Bonus):

This is paid for all new registrations that come into your team, irrespective of the person’s entry level. It is paid up to the third generation as follows:

1st Gen – 12 dollars per person sponsored directly

2nd Gen – 6 dollars per person sponsored by your 1st generation.

3rd Gen – 3 dollars per person sponsored by your 2nd generation.

It is paid the week immediately after the registration is done.


Performance Bonus:

This is the main weekly bonus in the system, paid on placement tree.

There is no limit to the number of generations you earn on.  

The percentage depends on your entry level:

Q-SILVER (60PVs) – ~8% of total PVs accumulated

SILVER (120PVs) – 8% of total PVs accumulated

GOLD (240PVs) – 10% of total PVs accumulated

Platinum (720PVs) – 12% of total PVs accumulated

VIP (1680PVs) – 12% + 1Global VIP point

It is paid on the points accumulated under your two weaker legs.

For More Enquiries, and To Register Today, Contact:

Blessing on: +2348166641321

You're Reading: How Longrich works in Nigeria

A Brief Summary of The Longrich Compensation Plan Again:

  • If you register with the Starter combo of N10,050, you earn N2700 on anyone you refer (you earn only referral bonus here).
  • If you register with N35,000 - N40,000 as a Q-Silver level member, you  get Longrich products worth that amount, and also earn 8% of your downline activities!
  • If you register with N75,000 as a Silver level member, you get Longrich products worth N75,000, and earn 8% of your downline activities!
  • If you register with N130,000 as a Gold level member, you get Longrich products worth N130,000, and also earn 10% of your downline activities!
  • If you register with N320,000 as a Platinum level member, you get Longrich products worth N320,000, and Longrich pays you 12% of your downline activities, and you enter D1 immediately!
  • If you register with N750,000 as a VIP level member, you get Longrich products worth N750,000, and Longrich pays you 12% of your downline's activities, 1% global revenue, and you enter D2 immediately!

List of Longrich Products:

Arthritis /Bone Pack:

Bone M
Anion strip from pantyliner

Dental Care:

Mouth Fresher

Menstrual Pain Products:

Superklean sanitary pad
Superklean pantyliner
Berry oil


Superklean pantyliner
Cordyceps Militaris
Pi cup

Female Fertility:

Superklean pantyliner
Berry oil

Male Fertility:

Berry oil

Sexual Performance:

Black ginger drink

Hypertension Pack:

Berry oil
Pi cup
Brown tea

Kidney/Liver Care: 

Cordyceps Militaris
Berry oil
Pi cup

Ulcer Pack:

Berry oil
Pi cup

Hair Breakage/ Loss:

Sod cream
Berry oil


Berry oil

Elder's Pack:

Berry oil
Bamboo soap
Sod cream

Scar Removal:

Sod cream
Berry oil
Bamboo soap

Baby Products:

Baby diapers
Baby cream
Baby heat powder
Baby baby wash/shampoo

Skin Supply:

Sod/ rejuvenating cream
Bamboo soap
Body wash
Hand cream

Weight Loss:

Black tea and tremella drink
Pink/Green/brown tea (pick according to weight loss plan)
Pi cup

Immune Boosting:

Cordyceps Militaris
Cordyceps Militaris coffee
Pi cup

Stretch Marks:

Sod cream
Bamboo soap
Snake oil

Acne/ Facial Skin Blemishes Pack:

Sod cream
Bamboo soap
Toothpaste (face mask)


For More Enquiries, and To Join Our Team, Contact:

Blessing on: +2348166641321

or Chat me up on WhatsApp

You've Just Read: How Longrich Works in Nigeria

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